Get on board with the burgeoning segment of Milwaukeans who love live music…join us in your own backyard for great music that speaks to your heart and soul! The Southwestern Suburban Symphony – the Peoples Orchestra – does it all for YOU!  Let’s plug in the thrill of live music minutes from your homes in the southwestern suburbs. No traffic, no parking problems, no long lines!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  - Theodore Roosevelt




Let’s shake up Milwaukee by bringing Packers Fans, Cheeseheads, Harley riders, Brewers backers (baseball and beer), and all our kids  back into the theater for live music right here in the suburbs at an affordable price. Sophistication never sounded so good, so join us and help us put the southwestern suburbs on the cultural map of Milwaukee…our time has come!

  BECOME A MEMBER of “Packer Fans for Great Music”

PFGM is the support team for The Southwestern Suburban Symphony. These are sports fans who also love live music!  They will never miss a Packer game…or a wonderful concert! Packer Fans for Great Music are needed to help us spread the word within their circle of friends, volunteer at the ticket booth, serve as an usher at concerts, and by participating in, and generating fund raising events in the area.  If you have great organizational skills…we want you!  If you have artistic leanings and decorating talents…your skills are needed and welcomed. If you are a golfer and would like to plan a golf outing…let us know! If you have ideas for new fund raising ideas...we'd like to hear about them! A vital team will help launch the Symphony and its programs in exciting and creative ways. We want your ideas! We’d like you and your friends to jump in and help us launch this exciting new season in style…be part of the experience that will put your neighborhood on the map. Let’s shake up Milwaukee with stunning concerts presented in wonderful venues right near your home. We need your help!

The Southwestern Suburban Symphony will never schedule a concert over a football game…our promise! Join us and help us bring “Superbowl” quality music to the Southwestern suburbs! 

For more information on the first PFGM meeting at the Franklin Library in April, please email or



We invite local businesses to help us score the winning touchdown.  Let’s put the Southwestern suburbs on the map. Our suburbs are only as great as the people who live here and the businesses who build here. Let’s be “on the grow” together Great, accessible music can be the fuel and inspiration!


"Philanthropy is America’s passing gear."  - Paul Ylvisaker